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Vancouver Island Real Estate — Residential Lots, Patio Homes, Duplexes, Condominiums, Townhouses & Vacation Homes

Vancouver Island offers a variety of homes to purchase, whether you are looking for a new permanent home, a home to retire to or vacation homes to relax in. Vancouver Island is quickly becoming the premier place in Canada to retire to, to recreate in and to live in! Prices are extremely affordable for new homes, condominiums, duplexes, patio homes, townhouses and vacation homes.

Vancouver Island is sometimes referred to the "banana belt" of Canada as it boasts the mildest climate in the country. New homes and developments are being built on a consistent basis, as residents love the West Coast setting and natural surroundings. There is a variety of real estate to choose from when looking for a property to purchase on Vancouver Island. The choices are different here, than on the east coast of Canada, as the weather is milder and the building materials that are used are most likely wood, hardy planking, stucco and concrete for exterior finishes.

Vancouver Island Homes and Lots

In today’s real estate market, the purchaser has a variety of products to choose from. One of most common products is a single family home, which is situated on its own lot with a yard. Typically, this type of real estate appeals mostly to a family, with more than two people living in the home. Sometimes purchasers choose their perfect lot and then build their own custom home on it.

Patio Homes, Duplexes and Townhouses

Other types of stand alone homes on Vancouver Island include patio homes, which is a one-storey home that shares one wall with the same style of home on the other side; these two homes share the same lot. These types of homes are called patio homes or duplexes. Townhouses, also known as town homes are multi-family units, which can be built in row style, or with three to six units located in the same building, sharing the same lot.


Typically, buildings that hold condominiums are three to four storeys tall, built in a wood frame, or they are seven or more storeys tall, built in concrete. This type of real estate option is popular on Vancouver Island.

Vacation Units

Vacation Units offer the purchasers an opportunity to own Vancouver Island real estate without purchasing 100 per cent of the property. For instance, quarter share units are very popular now, with developers offering purchasers one-quarter of the vacation unit being offered and the purchasers than then use the vacation unit for twenty-five per cent of the time; in some cases the developer has also organized a rental pool so that the unit can be rented out.

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